May laughed and tried to inject the needle but to no surprise i felt the needle not just break but snap in half. I heard two people gasp and i opened my eyes to see may and miley looking at a half snapped needle. Their mouths drug were opened in shock. They looked completely shocked and confused at what had just happened. What the-? miley said looking at the needle and then back at me. I said tying to avoid the fact that the needle just broke against my bare skin. May said looking even more confused and shocked. Maybe its one of those really cheap ones that break real easily. May thought about this as she placed the needle back on the tray.

Bicycling Meditations

It occurred to me that the greatest value of our bikes is that they lead us to deeper enquiry. They carry us to new places within ourselves. We learn very real things about our internal physical functions. They expose the wonderous workings of our body/mind while connecting us in the outer world. They take us there under our own power at our own pace. Bicycles become our teachers and healers and friends. They guide us through the greater world by prompting us with questions and encourage­ment. Bicycles motivate us through the realms of science, sociology and spirituality whether carrying us to the corner or around the world. All we have to do is ride them. That's a damn good deal.

--Zoot Katz

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